25-28 NOV 2019



The first edition of the event gathered over 90 exhibiting companies from around the globe, attracting more than 3,400 visitors. Beyond building a network of potential partners and clients in Dubai and the broader GCC region, both international and local companies signed impressive deals at the event.

*Register for free until 24 November, 4:00 PM (GMT+4).
A charge of AED 200 will apply if you register during the event dates, 25 - 28 November.

Urban Design & Landscape Expo is part the largest construction event in the Middle East. Not only does the event attract the top buyers and decision makers from the industry, but also gives you access to over 78,000 visitors, involved in the purchasing, specifying and procurement of products and services in major construction. Products and services can be found under the following main categories:


The advisory board brought together a number of hand-picked industry professionals such as Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, designers and more who will gather to discuss the urban design and landscaping industry in the region.


I’m pleased to say that we’re at the Urban Design & Landscaping Expo this year. Fantastic response - we’ve had alot of consultants and clients visit us here at our stand. We’re hoping if all goes well, we will be here again next year. And we’re looking forward to the feedback over the coming months.

John Mackinnon

Business Development Manager, Transgulf Cement Products

The expo and specially the summit was great. This was my first time and I got to learn a lot of the practices in urban design and landscape in the world. The choice of panelists and attendees was nice. Good interaction opportunities were there through well-organised lunch and coffee breaks. In short, I had a great time and am looking forward to attend next
year as well!

Landscape Architect

Belhasa Projects

Cracknell were proud to support the Urban Design & Landscaping Summit as Design Partner held alongside The Big 5 Event in Dubai. The panel discussion on Sustainability Principles in Urban Design was an interesting topic to debate with the other panel members, ably led by Andrew Burton Anderson from Oman Botanic Gardens. The conference was an enjoyable and well organized event and it was a pleasure to be able to participate. Speakers and speaker topics were informative and interesting making it a rewarding day. The venue and facilities were good and there was ample opportunity to network with other professionals and specialists in the field, of course benefiting from the Urban Design and Landscaping Expo being held alongside the summit. My appreciation goes to the organisers as well as the various sponsors for making the event possible; looking forward to the 2019 edition.

Ian Rose

Associate, Cracknell


Given the success of the inaugural edition, the Urban Design Talks, a 4 - day educational program, will be debuting this year alongside the Urban Design and Landscape Expo and Summit. These talks are framed under the proficiency and guidance of industry specialists aiming to gather the urban design and landscape industry under one roof. The main themes that will be covered are sustainability, technology and wellness under the Urban Design window. The Urban Design talks are set to take place on the 25th - 28th of November delivered by the most renowned and learned industry experts.

  • Urban Wetlands: Green blue infrastructure

  • Urban wetland ecosystem: Be resilient or sustainable?

  • Sustainable design decisions for conservation of waterfront and ecosystem: Analysis through examples and case studies
Niva Rana Mahanta
Niva Rana Mahanta Professor Amity University
  •   Smart is no longer a Trend or Objective, but the Baseline in Urban Planning & Design
  •   Trends and Trend Name such as “Smart City” are commercially driven, and tend to overshadow the actual needs of the end-user in terms of budget and priority on the urban agenda
  •   TOD’s are the bridge between past, present and future
Marlon Van Maastricht
Marlon Van Maastricht Senior Manager, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning & Design Departments Khatib & Alami
  •   Key themes that are shaping the designs of future sustainable communities
  •   Increasing social engagement and promoting a sustainable lifestyle in communities through urban and landscape design
  •   Project case study: The Sustainable City in Dubai
Baharash Bagherian
Baharash Bagherian Head of Urban Planning Diamond Developers
  •   The City system approach and beautiful places
  •   Unleash the potential of Technology capability to create productive places
  •   The collaboration mechanism between city system and Technology and concealment the    boundaries between them to maximize the advantages economically
Safaa Saleh Ahmed Al-Bahrany
Safaa Saleh Ahmed Al-Bahrany Senior Urban Planner & Architect Dewan Architects and Engineers
  •   What are Nature-based Solutions, and how are they applicable in urban and landscape design?
  •   What types of NbS are most appropriate in arid environments?
  •   Opportunities for integrating NbS in regional urban and landscape design
Sonya Benjamin
Sonya Benjamin Senior Environmental Consultant AESG

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  •   New Urbanism: reforming the built environment
  •   Understanding the metabolism of neighborhoods
  •   Reclaiming untapped assets
  •   Sustainable Street Designs and Pedestrian Friendly Areas to Attract Tourists

Preetam Panwar
Preetam Panwar Executive Director ZAS Group of Companies
  • Russia - country of cities
  • Current wave of urbanization in Russia > re-urbanization of post-soviet cities
  • Key-points of current re-urbanization > reclaim of open urban spaces
  • Top-down / bottom-up processes > open urban spaces as a focus point
Daniiar Iusoupov
Daniiar Iusoupov Co-Founder design::unit
  • Car free area – bicycles/ eco friendly vehicles and master designed walkways
  • Usage of recycled materials in creating the overall site
  • Accessibility to all aged visitors
  • 3 Themes being mobility, sustainability and opportunity
  • District 2020 – the legacy of the Expo
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Director AECOM
  •   The traditional understanding of inclusive playgrounds
  •   Inclusive playgrounds consider human diversity
  •   Designing inclusive playground
Matthias Engel
Matthias Engel International Sales Manager Berliner Seilfabrik
  •   Sustainability: Introduction
  •   Civilization: Sport as a culture
  •   Sports impact on the environment: GO GREEN!
  •   The booming future of sports in middle east
  •   Latest technologies in sports and fitness
Hashem Aljamal
Hashem Aljamal General Manager FARIS GROUP

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  •   Strategies of flood protection and urban planning in Mega cities (Cases from ME)
  •   Flood Inundation mapping techniques and modeling (Cases from ME)
  •   Climate change impact on flood risk assessment and level of service (Cases from ME)
  •   Water Resilient Landscape & Architectural Buildings (with case study from Charleston, SC, USA)
Dr. Ashraf M. Elmoustaf
Dr. Ashraf M. Elmoustaf Prof. of Engineering Hydrology Ain Shams University
  •   An overview of strategies to integrate nature and the built environment
  •   Is there a dichotomy between Cities and Nature
  •   The fundamental concept of nature elements in the city, along with means necessary for their inclusion in the urban realm
Kourosh Salehi
Kourosh Salehi Design Director LWK + PARTNERS
  • Urban planning exists to serve people and communities, not the inverse.
  • Communities are made up of dynamic people and that one-size-fits-all mandates is not suitable for them anymore.
  • Urban humanism, which favors a bottom-up approach as opposed to the top-down approach, puts communities over corporations, people over profits supported by housing policy.
  • Cities need to adopt a humanistic urbanism in their pursuit of progress so it can create a viable, inclusive and sustainable future for the purpose of collective human benefit.
George Aravanitis
George Aravanitis Director of Master Planning and Urban Design Parsons Corporation
  • Better estimate of water requirements using actual water use (Evapotranspiration and sensors)
  • The best match of cropping mix and cropping pattern to conserve water
  • Sustainable use of marginal areas and matching with available resources
Khalil Ammar
Khalil Ammar Principal Scientist in Hydrology / Hydrogeology ICBA

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  •   Play value: Gain powerful insight into new design trends, demographic needs, and the full spectrum of play experiences.
  •   Sustainability: Explore innovative energy and resource management tools that help you maximize lifecycle, minimize maintenance, and plan for the future.
  •   Integration: Learn how different design approaches can cater to your destination’s unique demographics and needs.
Scott Stefanc
Scott Stefanc Design & Innovation Team - Key Account Manager Vortex
  • Contemporary art in landscape architecture project 
  • Identity and belonging in the built environment
  • Graffiti and calligraphy in cultural landscape architecture
Dr. Islam Hamdi El-Ghonaimy
Dr. Islam Hamdi El-Ghonaimy Associate Professor University of Bahrain
  •   Comparisons and differences of the (Im)migration, Population growth and urban development of the two Cities.
  •   Historic and Geographic advantages of these developing cities.
  •   The Major development of the Urban fabric and the Modern societies of Shanghai and Dubai. 
Myryl Veloso
Myryl Veloso Architect and Urban Designer UrbanData Inc. Shanghai
Edgardo Budoy
Edgardo Budoy Creative Design Director SPI
  • Livability
  • Sustainable urbanism
  • Walkability
  • Built Environment, and the urban grounds 
Dina Saleh
Dina Saleh Architect GHD

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