Garden Spot



Garden Spot combines nature and modern design and offers a wide range of gardening service. We create an unique system of constructing vertical gardens, popularly known as Green Walls. The system is not only used as decorative nature. It has multi-functional usages such as:

  • Traditional Vertical Gardens Partition Walls
  • Sound Barriers
  • Fences or hoardings

The garden systems we design offers enormous design possibilities and arrangements.






Pixel Garden




Pixel Garden is a unique system of constructing vertical gardens, popularly called Floral Walls. These walls do well both in interior decoration as well as in designing an open area. The Garden is setting new standards in designing the space with flora, and infusing freshness, aroma and colors in the surroundings.

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 The AluLine mobile walls are a project dedicated primarily to public spaces with little green spaces. These are equipped with an integrated irrigation system, are ideal solutions in spaces whose interior design is frequently changed. These walls work well in restaurants, bars, and private interiors.


Garden Grid


Garden Grid are ecological lawn lattices which enable effective hardening and stabilization of ground. They create biologically active area what enables sowing and growth of grass. The eco-friendly lawn lattice can be effectively used in construction, horticulture, transport, sports facilities, etc.



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