23-26 NOV 2020


Dr. Mania Merrikhi, Vice President Marketing, Albaddad

Albaddad will be exhibiting its latest products at Urban Design and Landscaping Expo in Dubai this November. We spoke to the Vice President of Marketing, Dr. Mania Merrikhi; here's what she told us as she prepares to participate to the largest dedicated platform for the Urban Design & Landscaping industry in the Middle East.

  • What are the major opportunities you spot in the GCC?

The GCC market is very dynamic and is always looking for new ideas, this sets the platform for innovation and creativity at its core

  • What are the major growth drivers for the industry in the UAE?

The major growth drivers include events that take place across a variety of sectors such as sporting and trade events for eg. The Expo 2020. 

  • According to you, what are today’s top 3 trends in the outdoor sector?

The top 3 trends are providing sustainable products, reducing waste and recycling.  

  • How do you think  your sector will evolve in the next years?

We are at the base of a sustainable evolution and we believe with the new developments in the region our business line would also divert to healthcare and sporting events. 

  • How does your product respond to the challenges posed by an arid and very hot environment like the one of the UAE?

We have engineered and designed a custom made air conditioner to meet the requirements of our tent structures and Pre-Fab units keeping in mind the high temperatures and strong winds in the GCC countries. In addition all other components of the tent structures such as the PVC and aluminum are of high quality standards to meet the market requirement.

  • Are there any remarkable projects your company has developed outside the UAE? Please provide details

We have  built the largest single unit marquee which measures 46,868.23 square meters (504,485.22 square feet) in Kizad Abu Dhabi and have received a Guinness  World Record for it as well.

  • What products will you present at the Urban Design & Landscaping Expo?

We will present full product solutions such as tent solutions, event solutions, pre-fabricated units, aluminum and glass, steel solutions, parking shades, garden furniture and tensile.   

About Albaddad

Albaddad group has been established in Abu Dhabi 1971 by the founder Hussain Albaddad to supply the requirements of the tents from the royal family that time and other official authorities in addition to the individual clients. Continued by the second generation of Albaddad who manage the company and develop it according to the highest world standardisation that made Albaddad group ranked number one worldwide.

Meet with Albaddad at Urban Design & Landscaping Expo - Location: Outdoor area, Stand No. OS720