12 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2021


Jamal Ghoul, Managing Partner, Dimcar GCC Representative

Dimcar Urban Design will be exhibiting its latest products at Urban Design and Landscaping Expo in Dubai this November. We spoke to the Managing Partner, Jamal Ghoul; here's what he told us as he prepares to participate to the largest dedicated platform for the Urban Design & Landscaping industry in the Middle East.

  • What are the major opportunities you spot in the GCC/ UAE landscaping sector?

Alongside Dubai EXPO 2020, there is plenty of opportunity in Dubai Creek Harbour, in addition to the Mega Projects by Mega Developers including many other projects in other parts of the UAE.

  • What are the major growth drivers for the industry in the UAE or Dubai?

Most importantly the construction industry, which is primarily affected by the current slow economy. Another important driver is the tourism to the UAE and Dubai, since the UAE and Dubai especially is well known worldwide, that they only go for the best and care about the residents and visitors joyful experience. This experience can be achieved by providing smart urban design.

  • According to you, what are today’s top 3 trends in the outdoor and urban landscaping sector?

- Smart cities with smart furniture (USB outlets to charge mobile phones/tablets on the go while in the city)
- WPC is being used for sustainability purposes.
- Usage of recycled material in the manufacturing process.

  • How do you think the landscaping sector will evolve in the next years?

The landscaping sector is heading towards a green, smart and sustainable progress change.  

  • What is the biggest challenge for you in the market this year and why?

Tight cash flow in the construction industry, thus pressuring contractors to demand delayed payments from suppliers.  

  • How does your product respond to the challenges posed by an arid and very hot environment like the one of the UAE?

The high quality materials and products we manufacture are perfectly suited for any environment. On top of that, we can also create custom made products according to certain requirements and specifications.

  • Are there any remarkable projects your company has developed outside the UAE? Please provide details.

Dimcar is the official street furniture supplier of the Vatican City in Rome, Italy.

  •  What products will you present at the Urban Design & Landscaping Expo?

Bench, Smart Seat, Recycling Bin, Litter Bins, Flower Pot, Bollard.

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  • Why are they innovative?  

The Smart Seat is innovative because Dimcar has managed to preserve space in the public spaces, by designing this seat with two bike racks on each side, totaling to four bike racks. 

About Dimcar Urban Design

Discover the ancient history of the Dimcar company, which contains passion, care and tradition that for years has given life to 100% Made in Italy creations. A 50 year story that has made Dimcar great and its employees proud of it.

Meet with Dimcar Urban Design at Urban Design and Landscaping Expo - Location: Hall 8, Stand No. C360