25-28 NOV 2019


Speaker Name

Baharash Bagherian

Diamond Developers

Head of Urban Planning

AboutBaharash Bagherian

Baharash Bagherian is the Head of Urban Planning at Diamond Developers, leading a multi-disciplinary team of Architects, Landscape Designers and Engineers from various specialist fields to design the next generation of sustainable cities.

Diamond Developers aims to accelerate the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by replicating ‘The Sustainable City in Dubai’ globally. The Sustainable City is the first operational Net Zero Energy development in the region. With a commitment to social, environmental and economic sustainability, the company’s solutions arm “SEE Nexus” is uniquely positioned to provide holistic solutions that are based on practical experience and applied sustainability know-how.

There is a true sense of entrepreneurial spirit in Baharash Bagherian’s approach to master planning. Leading the designs of creative and unique sustainable cities, each project is driven by a process of investigation, experimentation and always asking “what if?”. The outcomes of these studies coupled with the expertise of SEE Nexus in sustainability which embodies years of research, testing, and implementation of sustainable solutions, form the basis of the design. Each project thus presents an opportunity for a new way of thinking, to provide a higher quality of life whilst also protecting the environment.

Workshop ByBaharash Bagherian