25-28 NOV 2019


Speaker Name

Dr. Ashraf M. Elmoustaf

Ain Shams University

Prof. of Engineering Hydrology

AboutDr. Ashraf M. Elmoustaf

Prof. Ashraf M. Elmoustafa is the founder and GM of (AIECon LLC) consulting office (since 2006). The office is based in Cairo, Egypt and Iowa, USA and is specialized in water engineering, flood protection, wet infrastructure, hydrodynamics studies and had carried out several related project in the ME and Africa of mega and medium scale using advanced (1D and 2D) modeling techniques.


AIEConLLC has an R&D section with research varies between water related branches. Among these researches, water resources management, flood control and inundation studies the stormwater management in arid environment, hydrologic and hydraulic studies/analysis. Also Conducted advanced studies and modeling for hydraulic simulation, water quality and sedimentation studies for several entities such as bridges and lagoons using the most up-to-date tools and techniques in such filed.


Dr. Ashraf M. Elmoustafa also works as a professor of Engineering Hydrology at Ain Shams University, Egypt. His academic works focus on the Hydrology, hydro-informatics, River Engineering, and GIS application in water engineering. He launched a YouTube channel of educational material for engineering hydrology in Arabic language to help the student and young professionals in Egypt and the ME working in this field.  He had published several manuscripts in related peer reviewed journals through his work and post graduate studies under his supervision. He is also a reviewer for specialized journals in the field.


Dr. Ashraf has participated and is now involved in multinational projects with academic infinities in Germany, Turkey, USA, Jordan, Netherlands and many African countries. 

Workshop ByDr. Ashraf M. Elmoustaf