25-28 NOV 2019


Speaker Name

Dr. Islam Hamdi El-Ghonaimy

University of Bahrain

Associate Professor

AboutDr. Islam Hamdi El-Ghonaimy

A senior ranking Consultant since 2006, with a long-timer professional leading a 30-year experience vetting the manifold disciplines of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. He did the honors of setting forth the consultation services in City Urban Planner for TEAM International office, Iraq – Kurdistan Region, 2012-2016. By the same token, he has been assigned; as urban consultant for City Development Strategy, for World Bank projects with Arab Urban Developing Institute (AUDI), League of Arab States, Arab Towns Organization, Riyadh, SA from 2005 till 2012.

Academically, in 2000 he has been accredited the Doctoral of philosophy degree, in "Environmental Assessment of Urban Area”.  Formerly, in 1995 he has been approved the M.Sc. degree in Environmental Management and Economic. In 1988, he has been certified the B.Sc. degree as an (Architect).

Publications, renowned for his dozen books and handouts, 25 white papers and Articles in Refereed Professional Journals, 56 Papers in Professional Conferences and symposiums. Moreover, he burnt midnight oil fruited in his publications. And 11 articles for un-Scientific Magazine and 5 unpublished technical Reports. He has a hand in 25 other Activities as that of Short-timed Courses, Editorial Board, and Organisation Committee. Currently, he affiliates with University of Bahrain.

Workshop ByDr. Islam Hamdi El-Ghonaimy