25-28 NOV 2019


Speaker Name

Farid Esmaeil

X Architects

Founding Principal

AboutFarid Esmaeil

Founding Partner of X Architects, a leading architecture and urban design practice in Dubai. My design work addresses issues of contemporary society, urban identity, and architecture. I have been the driving force in conceptual projects such as “Xeritown” 60 hectare sustainable city in Dubai, and “Al Nasseem” a 12 hectare community development in Al-Ain, amongst others. I have lectured and exhibited work in various universities and institutions worldwide, including Venice Biennale 2008, AUS, Technical University [TU] Berlin, AIA Berlin 2002, and Archiprix international Architecture thesis program. My firm's design work has won numerous awards including the regional Holcim Award 2008, and cityscape awards 2008 Dubai. I have contributed to Al Manakh, Architecture+, Art and Architecture and numerous other publications.

Workshop ByFarid Esmaeil