Speaker Name

Maarten Buijs

Aspect Studios, Australia

Principal Landscape Architect

AboutMaarten Buijs

Maarten Buijs is a landscape architect with 30 years experience. He grew up in The Netherlands and studied at Wageningen University. To broaden his horizon, Maarten attended The Royal Melbourne Insitute of Technology in 1985. Upon completing his Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture in 1988, he moved to Australia, where he worked in Melbourne until 1993 when he moved to Cairns (Queensland) where he had his own practice for 13 years. Early 2007, he migrated back to The Netherlands where he worked for 11 years as senior manager at West 8 in Rotterdam. Maarten has recently returned to Australia where he has taken up the position of Commercial Director at ASPECT Studios in Melbourne

Workshop ByMaarten Buijs

Day 1 Creating Age-Friendly Environments

28 Nov 2018 12.10 - 12.40