25-28 NOV 2019


DUCON ODL was founded to provide enhanced Outdoor Living designs for the UAE market. We are an off-shoot of the certified and well-established DUCON Industries which has made a mark in the concrete products manufacturing sector over five decades. DUCON ODL has an extensive scope offering Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance Services. Total Quality Management principles form the core of all our operations, and as a one-stop-shop, we guarantee the delivery of proven Outdoor Living solutions.



Kamado Grill

This sleek super-grill is our secret weapon for the perfect barbeque session! Kamado Grill/Oven is a modern ceramic and refractory materials composed unit that seldom cracks. Designed along the tradition of the ancient “cookers,” it gives your food an ultimate natural taste. The Kamado is capable of grilling, smoking, and baking!

Ducon Natural Stone -Terra

Appealing to the eye and hard-wearing, DNS Terra Paver is an ultimate choice for anyone with a desire for a concrete yet nostalgic outdoor ambience! Outstanding strength and durability makes it an ideal option for busy areas and decorative streetscapes.


Caporaso Lounge Chair

Colorful and hard-wearing. A brightly themed concrete chair that guarantees you of many delightful outdoor seasons! One of our most iconic outdoor furniture designs, there's no way your mood won't be changed for the better by the beautiful Swan and blue water background vividly laid upon the piece. Instantly recognizable and endearingly fresh!

Wooden Pergola Meranti wood with Fabric

Red Meranti Wood looks natural and charming especially when accompanied by white marble furniture. Can accommodate a good number of people at once with spacious dimensions allowing a full family sit-out. Frame has treated wood that’s enduring and withstands harsh weather conditions. Flat roof comes with a stylishly installed fabric design helping give more shade for you and your guests.

Focus Light - LU006SP-B11 – Warm White

Futuristic, industry certified technology was used to come up with this exceptional piece of innovation. Energy-friendly and sturdy to overcome the rigors of outdoor weather elements, the Spike and Spot Focus Lighting boasts of one of the highest efficacy in their class along with the least lumen depreciation. Indeed, all is lit! 


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