We are designers, landscape architects and urbanists connected by our purpose – to deliver projects which delight whilst enriching the lives of people and enhancing natural systems in an enduring way.

We are influential, city-shaping leaders, recognised globally for what we design and how we think.

Through design, we resolve complex contemporary challenges and craft places of meaning and delight. We bring innovation to a business-as-usual approach and anticipate emerging culture, allowing our diverse projects to stand out.

We use design to advocate for a symbiotic relationship between the human and natural environments. We believe in the deep connectedness of all living things.




Cracknell is one of the leading landscape architecture, planning and urban design practices in the world. Founded in 1987, we have completed numerous projects that span the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are renowned for delivering world-class, unique and practical design solutions, underpinned by a company ethos that is focused on quality, project delivery and commitment to our clients.

Distinctive, responsive and sustainable design solutions are at the core of Cracknell’s impressive portfolio of projects that have been developed over our 28 years of operation. Our portfolio showcases a proven track record of built projects across a broad range of market sectors; institutional and public realm, hospitality and leisure, commercial, mixed-use and residential developments.