23-26 NOV 2020


Urban Design & Landscape Summit

Alongside the well-established and award-winning Urban Design & Landscape Expo we are proud to bring back the Urban Design & Landscaping Summit taking place on 27th November at Dubai World Trade Centre. This one-day summit will bring the industry together to reflect on the interaction between urban development, landscape design and green spaces. It will also lay emphasis on the opportunities and challenges faced in turning the region green, initiatives taken up by global and local government bodies and work done by the urban design and landscape architecture firms, globally and locally. With the theme - Promoting greener, healthier and more sustainable built environments with best practices in urban and landscape design – the Summit will attract urban designers and planners, landscape architects, municipalities, property developers, parks and resorts, contractors, as well as engineering and building consultants.

  • Urban life (people, places, events, things and nature) are fragmented. Fragmentation is not living (Problem)
  • Perceiving, conceiving and creating for living in an urban life require a defragmentation approach (Method)
  • Optimized living is an integrated spectrum of more colours than just green (Solution)
Dr. Ziad Aazam
Dr. Ziad Aazam Head of Planning and Urban Design New Jeddah Downtown (NJD)
10:30 - 11:00
  • The true concept of a green office
  • Office design and employee well-being
  • Components of a green office
  • Health benefits of a green office
Fatima Ahmed Al Kadhim
Fatima Ahmed Al Kadhim Chief SHEngineering Officer Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority
11:00 - 11:30
Livable open spaces
  • How urban design and landscape enhance the livability of the space
  • Physical features of a livable space and how these features shape the experiences of the user
  • Impact of livable spaces on the quality of life in cities
Dr. Hanan Aljabri (1)
Dr. Hanan Aljabri Director of Strategic Planning Muscat Municipality

Children need to participate in active play each day. Traditional play equipment styles may not do enough to get kids moving, but new and modern equipment like flexible net climbers greatly contribute to more active play & movement in the playground through their divers’ play functions and inherent play attraction for children of all ages. This play movement helps develop children’s physical, mental and educational well-being. 

Robert Lockhart
Robert Lockhart Chief Compliance Officer Dynamo Playgrounds
12:30 - 13:00
Urban Policy Transfer
  • Why transfer urban policies?
  • Who is the main player in the transferring process?
  • What are the levels of such transfer?
  • Key issues in policy transfer
  • Illustrated examples about success and failure of urban policy transfer process
Dr. Majid Aldalbahi
Dr. Majid Aldalbahi Consultant and Urban Planning Specialist Riyadh Municipality
  • How the design of our cities can impact citizen/residents’ health and well-being?

  • Impact of greening our cities, increasing walkability, developing cycle network and more

  •  Impact of the community components on various types of residential units

  •  Responsibilities of different stakeholders including landscape and urban designers and government authorities for developing green cities

  •  How can technology help in transforming existing urban spaces and public realm?

Ian Rose
Ian Rose Associate Landscape Architect Cracknell
Dr. Jerry Kolo
Dr. Jerry Kolo Professor American University of Sharjah
Haism El Masir
Haism El Masir Urban Planning Engineer Abu Dhabi Housing Authority
Deema Aburizik
Deema Aburizik Design Director – Master Planning Arada
Hamda Bukalla
Hamda Bukalla Head of Creativity and Innovation Office Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority

How can cities in arid regions (like the UAE) maximise the environmental, social and health benefits of green spaces?  The presentation will build on Arup’s global research on a human-centred approach to designing and managing cities in the future.  It will make the case for the need to rethink planning and design for arid cities in line with global drivers of change and the sustainable development agenda.  It will highlight common myths and misconceptions and identify opportunities for innovation and local knowledge production.

Huda Shaka
Huda Shaka Associate Director Arup

With the rapidly growing imperative to urgently respond to climate change, AECOM has been working towards a next generation approach to Masterplanning and Public Realm design.  We have always been driven by a nexus of Landscape and Urbanism and through our work on the District 2020 Expo masterplan and NEOM Regional Land Use Masterplan competition entry we illustrate the way we can move beyond current ‘do less damage’ paradigms of sustainable design to adaptable and truly regenerative design.”

Steven Velegrinis
Steven Velegrinis Head of Masterplanning AECOM
  • Thinking more universally about how past, present, and future define urban development
  • Modern element functionality - Looking back on the history and putting it out with new technologies
  • Recreating the old cities with contextual designs
  • Building on the urban history of reinvention and renewal
Tarek Elmalatawy
Tarek Elmalatawy Senior Urban Planner Parsons
Yousef Oqleh
Yousef Oqleh Architect & Urban Designer - Design, Planning + Economics AECOM
Tariq Khayyat
Tariq Khayyat Founder Tariq Khayyat Design Partners
Khaled HajBakri
Khaled HajBakri Senior Architect Golden Square Engineering Consultants
Shawn Meyers
Shawn Meyers Deputy Design Studio Lead InSite - A division of KEO International Consultants
17:00 - 17:20

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