11.30 - 11.40
MC Opens
  • The art and science of creating a link between city planning and architecture
  • Making places for people while managing changes in the environment
  • Achieving excellence through an integrated and holistic approach of urban deign
  • Bringing together the key players contributing to urban design
  • Improving public health with parks, air quality and community resilience
  • Keeping it connected – Designing accessible street patterns, smaller block size and residents’ proximity to public spaces
  • Creating outdoor learning spaces and promoting natural playscapes
  • Impact of good public realm on cities and citizens
  • Role of sustainability combined with technology on the public realm of future cities
  • Public realm as a potential source of happiness and inspiration to all citizens
  • Major landscaping projects and public parks completed/conceptualized by the Ministries and Municipalities of GCC
  • Understanding the needs and living up to the expectations of the community members
  • Increasing the focus on agricultural production locally through innovative pilot projects – UAE leading the bandwagon
  • Changing face of Arid lands economically with the use of native plants in landscaping
  • Building a livable, sustainable and vibrant community with place-making
  • Creating age-friendly environments – from children to senior citizens, to enjoy public spaces while being independent
  • Sustainable Streetscape influencing the visual image of sustainable cities - an important factor helping city’s success and tourist attractions
  • Evolution of technology and its impact on urban design and landscaping
  • Revolutionizing the irrigation and sprinkler systems with smart technology and apt design 
  • Going the artificial way - Artificial turf/grass’s growing popularity and acceptability in both commercial and residential uses  
  • BIM’s technological progression and its effective implementation in the urban design and landscaping industry
  • Impact of other technological adaptations like data analytics, drones, 3D printing and more
  • Re-conceptualizing existing cities and systems to be compact, mixed-use and polycentric cities
  • Growing need for Green Urbanism and how it is affected by the paradigms of ecology
  • Best practices from across the globe and the most suitable adaptations in the Middle East region