• Brief about SEWA’s vision in modern urban design
  • The concept of Tree of Life: Idea, vision & goal
  • Tree of life: Detail illustration
  • Challenges & Outcomes
Hamda Ahmed Bukalla
Hamda Ahmed Bukalla Head of Creativity & Innovation Office SEWA
  • The art and science of creating a link between city planning and architecture
  • Making places for people while managing changes in the environment
  • Achieving excellence through an integrated and holistic approach of urban deign
  • Bringing together the key players contributing to urban design
Pénélope Komitès
Pénélope Komitès Deputy Mayor - Green Spaces, Nature & Biodiversity The City of Paris

What is the meaning of nature when half the population lives in cities? Actually to create the livable city requires a strong team of multidisciplinary approach. Architecture, economics, engineering, sociology, history, biology and climate change adaptation. SLA believes that future urban spaces are multifunctional. The goal is to create the most valuable Urban spaces, by formulating a new type of City Nature. An urban space of high biodiversity, great aesthetic power and many different functional properties - from climate change adaptation to protection against urban heat islands and shielding of buildings, and infrastructure to wind and weather. But first and foremost a City Nature, that creates the best environment and social space for people. In his keynote speak ‘Evolving Nature within Future Cities” Rasmus will describe SLAs nature-based design approach, showing how green transition in urban planning can have major economic, social and environmental benefits.


Rasmus Astrup
Rasmus Astrup Partner SLA Architects, Denmark
  • Child’s play as entertainment
  • Integrated design for all age groups broadens the horizon for everyone
  • Open space design as a means to help you stay young
Maarten Buijs
Maarten Buijs Commercial Director- Landscape Architecture ASPECT Studios – Australia
  • Major landscaping projects and public parks completed/conceptualized by the GCC Authorities
  • Understanding the community needs and living up to the expectations of the community members
  • Inclusion on native plants in the landscaping plan and design for the harsh regional environment
  • Increasing the focus on agricultural production locally through innovative pilot projects
Husain Mohsen Alsaeedi
Husain Mohsen Alsaeedi Section Head - Water Stations Control, Parks & Recreation Facilities Abu Dhabi City Municipality
Val Zillig
Val Zillig Urban Planning Advisor Sharjah Urban Planning Council
Ayub Hassan Algaferi
Ayub Hassan Algaferi Head of Parks Section Al Ain Municipality
Ahmad Bukhash
Ahmad Bukhash Director of Urban Planning Dubai Creative Clusters Authority
  • Impact of good public realm on cities and citizens
  • Role of sustainability combined with technology on the public realm of future cities
  • Public realm as a potential source of happiness and inspiration to all citizens
Ceylan Belek Ombregt
Ceylan Belek Ombregt Director Martha Schwartz Partners, London
  • Re-conceptualizing existing cities and systems to be compact, mixed-use and polycentric cities
  • Growing need for Green Urbanism and how it is affected by the paradigms of ecology
  • Best practices from across the globe and the most suitable adaptations in the Middle East region
Paolo Testolini Regional Masterplanning Leader Woods Bagot
Don Sharp
Don Sharp Director of Landscape Architecture Parsons
Maja Gligic-Bosse Head of Landscape Azizi Developments
Robert van Aerts
Robert van Aerts Founder and Managing Director NextGen Living Walls
  • Urban quality vs Priority: UN sustainable development goals
  • Green infrastructure as answer to provide environmental, economic and social benefits
  • Reconnecting people with nature
  • A place making process: Not only architecture design but above all landscape as social moderator
  • Water as distinctive element in the design of urban areas
Nicolò Filippo von Wunster
Nicolò Filippo von Wunster Partner & Head of Middle East Office LAND Suisse
  • Framing the pillars of community wellbeing

  • Taking a bottom-up approach to enhance community well-being through public spaces

  • Importance of adopting a life-cycle approach to public spaces

Jamila El Mir
Jamila El Mir Senior Consultant- Environment and Sustainability Arup